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Private investigator Slovakia

We are a member of the Slovak Association of Private Investigators

Our detective agency DET.GROUP, represents elite private detectives, providing premium investigative services with an emphasis on privacy, confidentiality and individual attention. Our private investigators are trained and licensed professionals who have extensive experience performing a wide range of investigative assignments. Uncovering the truth in complicated personal as well as business matters is the foundation of our reputation.

The private investigator Slovakia in our office is equipped with the latest technology, allowing him to conduct detailed surveillance, gather evidence and analyze information with precision and professionalism. Whether it is surveillance, forensic analysis or evidence verification, our private investigators work with the utmost regard for legal and ethical standards, while also taking into account the private and sensitive nature of the cases they are entrusted with.

Our expertise

private investigator slovakia

Our presentation video (in Slovak language)

We are active in Slovakia through our project (in english “surveillance”), where our clients can find complete information about our services, complemented by a presentation of our technological and professional capabilities through our presentation video. We are committed to the principles of transparency and ethical business, which is reflected in our uniform pricing policy, applied indiscriminately to both domestic and international clients.

As a leading detective agency in Slovakia, we boast state-of-the-art technical equipment that makes our services synonymous with quality and precision. Regardless of the client’s location, we guarantee efficient execution of investigations at prices that are fair and uniform for all.

Our private invetigator Slovakia, based in Bratislava, is ready to work in the field all over the country, from Nitra to Kosice, including cities such as Trnava, Trencin, Banska Bystrica, Zilina, Presov, Poprad and many more. We cover the entire territory of the Slovak Republic, and we are always ready to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients.

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